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Sprint Gets Even More Clever with New iPod Touch

posted Sunday Aug 1, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sprint Gets Even More Clever with New iPod Touch

Sprint's marketing and product development teams have been clever and just plain awesome when it comes to the ways they have been able to combat the ever popular iPod, iPad and iPhone. We have all seen the commercials and ads that show the iPad connecting to the network via Sprint's mobile hotspot solution, and even went as far as to offer a free iPad case that had a pocket to fit the 4G/3G Overdrive. Well, now Sprint has teamed up with manufacturer ZTE to bring you the Peel, which is a case that will allow the iPod touch to do the same for Sprint's 3G network.

To check out Sprint's latest concoction, hit the break.

The Peel comes with a 3.4Whr lithium ion battery, which will give you around 40 hours of standby time. It will also allow you to connect to other WiFi devices with what seems to be no limit to the amount of devices simultaneously connected to it. The downside is that we did hear that it will only connect to Sprint's EV-DO Rev 0 network, and not the faster Rev A that most 3G devices currently use, but that is just a rumor at this point.

This seems to appeal to the users who want an iPhone with no voice but with data on a non-AT&T network. Depending on the price and data options, this could be yet another win for Sprint as they have been steadily increasing in popularity while other carriers have been adding limits to existing limits.


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