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E3 2010 - Def Jam Rapstar

posted Thursday Jun 17, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

E3 2010 - Def Jam Rapstar

At Konami's E3 press briefing, we got a more in-depth look at 4MM's Def Jam RapStar. With Konami's backing, 4MM looks to offer the best interactive hip hop experience to date, with four game modes: Party, Career, Freestyle and Battle.

We were able to see the vocal recognition so precise that it would show which words you messed up on, giving you an opportunity to learn all the songs you perform. After your set, you can even take the footage from your Xbox Vision camera, edit it and add stickers, animation and effects to make the video stand out.

There's a reason you're going to want to edit the video, too. That is because there is an online social aspect of Def Jam: Rapstar that gives stats on every Rapster player. You can access it via the game itself or through your computer, which has more details available, like the top player and an option to compare your success against others. You can even challenge other players to certain tracks. The online community also has the option to post real-time updates to your Facebook and Twitter.

The game includes crews and rivals in an attempt to really build this game to become more than just a karaoke machine, and instead, make it more of a platform for you to immerse yourself into the game entirely.

If you want to be creative, Def Jam: Rapstar has a Freestyle mode, with beats from producers like Just Blaze. Freestyle mode is basically a studio, letting you put together tracks in your very own way. These tracks can then be shared with the community and Def Jam also informed us that there is even a chance to get recognized by A&Rs if your video gets a lot of views and positive responses.

This is definitely a game I see myself playing just to see if it lives up to its hype. I think it will but we'll see when the game releases, hopefully this holiday.

Also, don't forget to check out PLuGHiTz Live! Radio Thursday night @ 9PM Eastern for our Nintendo and Konami recap show where we will break down this topic.


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