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E3 2010 - Future So Bright You Got To Wear Shades

posted Tuesday Jun 15, 2010 by Josh Henry

E3 2010 - Future So Bright You Got To Wear Shades

You may remember Golden Sun: Dark Dawn being officially revealed at last year's E3, and not much else was mentioned on the topic. Today, however, Nintendo featured the first video of the upcoming epic in their keynote speech. Naturally, Golden Sun has made the transition to full 3D, along with the series' famous Djinn battle animations.

Hit the break for the full game rundown.

The game will take place right after the end of the second game, but it's not 100% clear who the main character will be, though he did bear resemblance to Isaac from the original game. I think it would be cool if the game wasn't set directly after the second game, and you got to play as say Issac's son or something like that. We were also told that the touch screen will be used for the synergy puzzles, which look to be basically the same as previous games.

So believe me when I say I am very excited to see whats in store for the Golden Sun franchise especially with the reveal of the Nintendo 3DS. The future is looking very bright for Golden Sun... no pun intended.

Also, don't forget to check out PLuGHiTz Live! Radio Thursday night @ 9PM Eastern for our Nintendo and Konami recap show!


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