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E3 2010 - Microsoft's Big Non-Reveal

posted Monday Jun 14, 2010 by Scott Ertz

E3 2010 - Microsoft's Big Non-Reveal

There has been a lot of talk about Hulu as of late and the biggest topic of discussion had to do with this morning's Microsoft Press Briefing here at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. The expectation was that we would hear about Hulu's integration into the Xbox 360 interface.

This rumor was fueled by a series of screenshots of an Xbox 360 Dashboard with a tile for Hulu, which I have included for reference. While the red color does seem a bit out of the ordinary for Microsoft, they do not control the tiles of their content providers, so it was a possibility. Plus, they did add purple to their E3 booth design this year, which is also a Microsoft departure.

Hit the break for the rest of the Hulu on 360 story.

Unfortunately, despite 90 minutes of incredible announcements, Hulu was not even mentioned. This either indicates that the image is a fraud (very possible) or that they are not far enough into the negotiation process with Hulu to be able to make the announcement or that there was some sort of breakdown, either with Hulu or Microsoft, that prevented a demo and announcement today.

Of course, anyone who really has a desire to watch Hulu videos on their 360s can do so with streaming software through their PC. I have personally used two different solutions, both of which work well. The idea of not having to have the PC involved at all, however, is a much more pleasant idea. Plus, the software isn't free and a Microsoft direct solution would be.

This is not the devastating non-reveal that, say, not having gameplay for Gears of War 3 would have been, but it is certainly disappointing to anyone who had their hopes up that this rumor was, in fact, true.

So, reader, were you excited about the idea of Hulu on Xbox and are you disappointed it didn't happen? Let us know in the comments!

Also, don't forget to check out PLuGHiTz Live! Radio Tuesday night @ 9PM Eastern for our Microsoft and EA recap show!


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