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Data caps are delayed in the Northeast for at least another year

posted Saturday Dec 18, 2021 by Scott Ertz

Data caps are delayed in the Northeast for at least another year

Just over a year ago, Comcast announced that they would be expanding their data caps to all customers. Clearly, customers were not happy about the change in their plans, especially as the world was in major flux. A mere 3 months later, the company announced that it would delay the rollout into 2022. Well, as 2022 approaches, Comcast has made another announcement: the rollout is delayed for at least another year.

The problem with data caps

Comcast has long been a fan of data caps because it provides them with a way to generate additional revenue without having to do any work. Customers, on the other hand, generally don't like them for the exact same reason. And, in the past 2 years, the number of power users has grown significantly.

Between an increase in streaming video services (HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, among others) and the additional stresses on our home internet because of forced or voluntary work from home, the need for unlimited bandwidth has never been more important. Clearly, this is the perfect time to add limitations to internet services.

The future of data caps

As the demand for internet bandwidth is increasing, Comcast has been planning to roll out bandwidth data caps to all of their customers nationwide. There are currently 12 states that Comcast covers whose customers get unlimited bandwidth, but that feature is on life support. In November of 2020, the company announced that it intended to roll out bandwidth caps to all of its customers starting in January of 2021. Because of customer feedback, mostly negative and angry, the company changed its mind, announcing that the new limits would be delayed until 2022.

Here we are now, less than 2 weeks from 2022, and customers are still unhappy with this forced new "feature" on their plans. People are still spending a lot of time at home, streaming televisions and movies, added to the increased need for stable internet for school work and regular work, this would be a terrible time to institute such a controversial limitation.

Fortunately, Comcast has announced that, once again, the implementation of data caps will be delayed for at least another year. The statement to the press mentions that the limitation will not be implemented in 2022, suggesting that they will continue to evaluate the situation over time. Ideally, the company will evaluate the customer situation, showing that customers are not happy about this plan, and abandon it in time. But, the likelihood is that Comcast will add data caps to all accounts at the first opportunity they see.


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