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Comcast delays nationwide data cap expansion into sometime in 2022

posted Sunday Feb 21, 2021 by Scott Ertz

Comcast delays nationwide data cap expansion into sometime in 2022

Last year, Comcast announced new data caps would be rolling out to all of their customers. Previously, only certain markets were saddled by the data cap policy, and that policy had been suspended because of the lockdowns. The rollout was intended to begin, with the return for existing customers, starting in March. However, that date was slightly delayed, as the lockdowns continue in many areas. This week, the extension was made longer for some, heading into 2022.

The company announced via blog that they would delay the expansion of the 1.2TB data caps in the Northeast until at least 2022. The company said,

We are delaying implementation of our new data plan in our Northeast markets until 2022. We recognize that our data plan was new for our customers in the Northeast, and while only a very small percentage of customers need additional data, we are providing them with more time to become familiar with the new plan.

The announcement is certainly welcome news for those in the Northeast, however, it is clearly not welcomed to Comcast themselves. This move was forced upon them because of terrible public optics. There are already issues with lower income families not being able to use home schooling tools because of a lack of internet, and Comcast is focusing on charging more for regular usage. This extension of the data cap implementation, in combination with offering public hotspots for students, they are trying to fix that perception.

Of corse, this does not address a number of other concerns. First, when will existing data caps return to areas that had it previously? When in 2022 will the data caps be implemented? Does Comcast realize that decisions like this that continue to place it as one of the most hated brands in America? Some of these we'll get answers to, others we never will.


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