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"Quantum pendants" are radioactive "protection" from 5G technology

posted Saturday Dec 18, 2021 by Scott Ertz

When stupid conspiracy theories go around, it's inevitable that people will take advantage of those who have fallen for it. Take, for example, the ridiculous collection of conspiracy theories that 5G causes various problems. We've heard everything from 5G causes cancer to 5G is used to control your thoughts or to read your thoughts. The people who have fallen into the darkness of the 5G conspiracies have become the target of a new and even better hoax: "quantum pendants."

The underlying problem

Anyone with even a few brain cells to rub together can figure out that there is nothing special about this radio spectrum. None of the spectrum being used by carriers for 5G is new to human use. In fact, some of it was previously used for television broadcasts on significantly higher transmitters than T-Mobile uses today. So, the idea that 5G is somehow especially dangerous is unfounded and ludicrous.

The concern comes about because of a fundamental misunderstanding about the word radiation. When people hear radiation, they think of cancer. But, it is a very specific type of radiation that causes cancer. That's because radiation is actually any energy transmitted via waves or particles. Light is radiation. FM radio is radiation. The sound coming out of the speakers on your television is radiation. Sure, radio waves made by humans are radiation, but so are radio waves created by nature. So, the term radiation does not have to elicit fear - but it does for most.

The new problem

Those who have fallen for the conspiracy believe that somehow 5G towers running on the same frequencies as UPN used to reside on are special. But, when you have someone who doesn't understand technology who suddenly believes that it is dangerous is a perfect market for useless products. I think we all remember the stickers you could put on a flip phone to protect us from radiation (which didn't do anything). There are also cases for your phone to eliminate radiation (which can't work if the phone still runs).

But, somehow the 5G conspiracy has grown in popularity in a way that the cellular conspiracies never did. Because of that, the market for "solutions" is even great. That's where "quantum pendants" come in. These little items are designed to be worn day and night and marketed as being able to block harmful 5G radiation. Everyone is allowed to buy snake oil if they want, right? Well, there is one major problem with the pendants: they are radioactive.

There are a variety of these items across the internet that promise "negative ion" protection. Negative ions are not magical, and would provide no protection from 5G spectrum. But, that's not the problem - they are actually the harmful items themselves. These pendants actually emit low levels of ionizing radiation. This is the type of radiation that actually is harmful, and cause major health issues if exposure is continued.

These types of products have been marketed before, and have been recognized as potentially harmful before. In fact, it is not unusual for them to contain small amounts of uranium and thorium. Not enough to create a weapon or anything, but enough to be noticeable on radiation monitoring equipment. And no, the gamma radiation will not turn you into The Hulk, but could cause cancer. So, please don't buy them or give them as gifts.


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