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Fortnite is evolving from casual game to digital community center

posted Saturday May 23, 2020 by Scott Ertz

Fortnite is evolving from casual game to digital community center

When Fortnite first hit the scene, it was widely viewed as a casual game for kids. Over time, the popularity of the title has grown immensely, to the point where it is a household name. The average age of the players has increased as adults latch onto the game in every growing number. With the current global state of staying at home and desperately looking for something to do, the game has grown again in popularity.

But, a game can't stay stagnant for too long when the eyes of the world are on it. As such, Epic Games has looked for ways to incorporate other aspects of life into Fortnite. The newest example of this is by incorporating the trailer for the upcoming film Tenet into the relatively new Party Royale mode, which is less about fighting and more about just having fun. So, while hanging out, you can watch the trailer for a film planned for theatrical release on July 17. Of course, the plans could be thwarted, but for now, the film is still planning to release in theaters.

If Party Royale mode sounds familiar, it might because you remember the massive failure that was PlayStation Home. This feature of the PS3 allowed you to develop your own property, but it was also about the overall community. There were town halls, gathering spots, and more. In the game, you could even watch movies with friends. However, where Sony failed, Epic Games hopes to succeed, thanks in part to the partnerships it is building.

The Tenet project is far from the first time that Epic Games has used the game for non-game content. In the past, they have used this same in-game mechanic to bring Star Wars content into the lobby, though that was a full film preview as opposed to a general trailer. However, the company has been working hard to make the game more than just that. During the global lockdown, Epic has begun to use the game, especially through the environment of Party Royale, as more of a community center than just a game.

The company has set up virtual concert stages and held actual concerts on these stages. They have featured names like Steve Aoki, deadmau5, and Travis Scott, showing just how much attention the game has attracted. It also shows how much confidence Epic Games has in the community features of Party Royale.


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