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Prenda Law Lawyer Forced to Sell Condo, Liquidate Assets

posted Sunday Dec 6, 2015 by Scott Ertz

The Prenda Law saga has been absolutely fascinating to follow. The company was accused of planting content on The Pirate Bay in order to entrap users. Comcast confirmed that Prenda was responsible, linking the posts and TPB account (Sharkmp4) to IP addresses registered to Prenda's own John Steele.

As the case advanced, judges had tough questions for the team. The team was either unable to, or unwilling to, answer these questions, which essentially killed the case. Sanctions were imposed, and the case was finalized with the company not only not winning their lawsuits, but instead being forced to pay a tremendous amount of money.

So, let's play "Where are they now?" with the Prenda guys. Well, Paul Hansmeier, one of the named partners in the company, is being ordered by a US Bankruptcy Court to sell his condo as well as other assets in order to pay his personal $2.5 million in debts. Judge Kathleen Sanberg said,

Here, the debtor has a pattern and practice of dishonesty with the courts.

This case was designed for one purpose only, to thwart the collection efforts of debtors. It was not because the debtor now wants to pay creditors in full.

The moral of the story here, folks, is that lying to the court will always end badly. Lying to the court when you are destined to lose will end with you selling your home and everything of value in your life.


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