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Prenda Law Dealt Final Blow in Appeals Court

posted Sunday Aug 3, 2014 by Scott Ertz

The process of dealing with a troll can be arduous. If you need proof, ask those involved in a Prenda Law suit. The company filed suit against thousands of individuals for illegally downloading pornography owned by Lightspeed Media. Soon after, it was alleged that they themselves planted the torrents with intent to file these suits. Shortly after, Comcast confirmed this theory, ending any chance they had of a legal success. Their appeals cases have not gone better, with even judges harassing them in court.

This week, a seemingly final blow was dealt to the trio of nut jobs, Paul Duffy, John Steele, and Paul Hansmeier - they will be forced to pay full legal fees for successful defendant Anthony Smith, as well as Comcast and SBC Internet, who were regretfully dragged into the ridiculous suit. A lower court already passed this judgment but, as Chief Judge Diane Wood put it,

They did not, however, file a motion either to clarify the nature of the sanctions or to stay the order. Instead, they simply did not pay.

These fees, which have had a 10% idiot fee added, now add up to $287,000. With a ruling this high up, it will set a good precedent for further appeals cases. Maybe one day the copyright trolls will end their insane attacks on individuals, but it doesn't seem like it will happen soon. The concept is not new; RIAA sued people over illegally downloading music, often targeting people who had no physical capability.

In this case, however, the brazen disregard for the legal system, not to mention the intelligence of the individuals involved, might well poison the legal system against the trolling concept. Where RIAA was respectful, Prenda has been truly insane. This might be frustrating for the people currently involved, it could help finally put the whole concept to rest.


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