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Double Fine Productions Crowdfunding Psychonauts 2

posted Sunday Dec 6, 2015 by Scott Ertz

Double Fine Productions Crowdfunding Psychonauts 2

In 2005, a game was published that did not receive the respect that it deserved. The game was called Psychonauts, and it followed Raz, a boy with psychic abilities that defies the norm and runs away FROM the circus to go to a summer camp. At the camp, he expands his psychic capabilities by entering people's minds and helping them face their fears. The game was a sleeper hit, becoming popular long after its initial release.

In 2011, Double Fine acquired the rights to the game, modernizing the title and releasing it for newer platforms. However, ever since the acquisition, there have been rumors about Double Fine producing a sequel to the game. In 2012, Minecraft creator got involved with the concept, offering to fund the project himself. Unfortunately, that did not work out and Notch backed out of the project, leaving Double Fine without the funding to produce the game.

At The Game Awards 2015, Double Fine, which is well-known for crowdfunding games, announced that they wanted to pursue the game with the public's support. As opposed to their past interactions with crowdfunding, this time they have taken to Fig, a platform specifically designed for videogame crowdfunding. In addition to crowdfunding, qualified investors can also get involved, which sets the platform apart from Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

The company is offering a lot of rewards on pledges from $10 to $10,000. For $10 you get an official thank you, and for $10,000 you get a trip with the team to Whispering Rock along with a ton of related materials, including the games, soundtracks, videos, figurines and more. The company is looking for $3.3 million to fund the game, and are approaching $2 million in pledges as of writing.


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