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Yahoo Adds to Media Offering with Live Concert Acquisition

posted Saturday Dec 7, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Yahoo Adds to Media Offering with Live Concert Acquisition

Since Marissa Mayer took over the company, Yahoo has been on a brand reinvention binge. With the purchse or Tumblr and reinvigorating Flickr in its rearview mirror, the future seems to belong to media streaming. After several failed attempts to purchase Hulu, Yahoo decided to purchase exclusive rights to a huge brand, Saturday Night Live.

In the past 2 weeks, Yahoo has beefed up its media offerings two new ways. First, last week, Yahoo hired veteran news anchor Katie Couric to help increase the credibility of its news division. This week, Yahoo is trying to shore up its Yahoo Screen and Yahoo Music offerings with a new acquisition.

Freshman startup EVNTLIVE has joined the Yahoo family this week for an undisclosed price tag. After publishing its beta program in April of this year, EVNTLIVE has hosted hundreds of live-streamed musical performances and festivals, in attrition to interviews and music videos. 8 of EVNTLIVE's team will be moving in to the Yahoo offices in Sunnyvale, California, though Yahoo has not commented exactly on where they will be helping out.

With their new focus on entertainment and media, however, it would seem that the new team members will be joining Yahoo's music division. While they currently offer music videos, live events is a great market to get into. Microsoft and Sony have proven that people will even watch live press events and NBC this week proved people will watch live music events despite their quality, making way for a whole industry of live music broadcasts.

This will be the first time Yahoo will be at the leading edge of an emerging market in nearly a decade. If we are in a post-transitional period and into a time to evaluate Marissa as CEO, I would say these moves are a good start to continuing Yahoo's focus on content.


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