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Yahoo! Enhances Flickr with New Everything

posted Tuesday May 21, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Yahoo! Enhances Flickr with New Everything

Yahoo wasn't afraid to make Monday about them; starting the day announcing a purchase of Tumblr, they kept the missing vowels going by announcing an overhaul of Flickr. Having owned the brand for ages, Flickr has had a hard time staying relevant. The interface has gotten clumsy and difficult, making images hard to find, which is a bad idea for a photo sharing site. All of the problems changed, however, when CEO Marissa Mayer made a challenge to make Flickr useful again.

One of the best ways to make people want to use Flickr is by not downscaling photos. The image quality that you upload is the image quality that will persist on the site. Of course, this means that storage will be a premium; with the 15GB offered by most photo sites, there is no way to store all of the photos a professional might have at full quality. Luckily Yahoo thought of this, as well, increasing storage to 1TB per user. That is not a typo; 1 TERABYTE per user of photo storage for FREE. At 16MP, that is over 250,000 photos per person.

With the increase of storage, the Pro version of Flickr has been discontinued. How does Yahoo plan to handle the other missing features of Pro? By offering the features a-la-carte. If 1TB is not enough for you, you can double it for a small fee. If your intention is to use the service as a professional, you can also pay to turn off advertisements.

All of this is nice, but what about the interface? A major overhaul, from start page to photo view page, has put a focus on photos and minimized everything else. Anyone who knows about color theory knows that black background make colors pop, so photos are now displayed against a black background. Gone are the days of thumbnails, replaced instead by rows of uniformed height and margin, larger images, representing both sets and photos. When you look at the screen, you feel like you are looking more at a collection of photos than a website.

We have some screenshots of the new interface after the break. Once you see the screens, let us know if you plan on giving the new Flickr a try in the comments.

[gallery id="uFlickrGallery"" class="UpStreamLink">[gimg src=""" class="UpStreamLink">The current Flickr home screen. It shows off the new styling of the brand, plus an explanation of what they have changed and why you should love it.[/gimg" class="UpStreamLink">[gimg src=""" class="UpStreamLink">The standard Flickr What's New image gallery. Here you can find newly uploaded images in the new photo list screen.[/gimg" class="UpStreamLink">[gimg src=""" class="UpStreamLink">The new full-screen photo box. As shown, the background is black to make the photos pop on-screen. Below the photo is the comments section, left on white for easy readability.[/gimg" class="UpStreamLink">[gimg src=""" class="UpStreamLink">The new photo list screen again, this time showing off varying sizes of photos. As shown, the system formats the images such that all have the same height and the same margin between the photos.[/gimg" class="UpStreamLink">[/gallery" class="UpStreamLink">


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