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Adam Sessler Finds New Home with Rev3Games

posted Monday Nov 12, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Adam Sessler Finds New Home with Rev3Games

When Adam Sessler left X-play and subsequently G4TV, we knew the station was going to hit a hard downturn. We found out last month that the station was actually going to cancel Attack of the Show and X-Play at the end of the year, and would change the station's focus. Since the departure of Sessler and Kevin Pereira, we wondered what was going to happen to them and the rest of the displaced cast. Today, Adam Sessler answered that question for us in an announcement, press release, blog post and YouTube video.

Sessler has said he is now officially signed onto Revision3 games and will be undertaking the roles of editor-in-chief, executive producer and "man-in-front-of-cameras," as he put it. In the announcement on Rev3's blog, Senior VP of Programming and Production, Ryan Vance, stated his pleasure of bringing Sessler onboard.

I get to greet a brand new era of working with Adam Sessler and officially welcome him to Revision3. I'm beyond excited to have him join the stellar Rev3Games team. Max Scoville, Tara Long, Anthony Carboni and producer Zac Minor have the brand of humor and journalistic integrity that made X-Play great. Now we have the former host of X-play joining us to help guide Rev3Games into the future. I know Adam can't wait to throw himself fully into the online video space and become a leader in this world as he did in the world of traditional television.

For more on this new opportunity for the former X-Play star, continue on after the break.

Vance also mentioned that he met Sessler in March of 2000 and helped him work on evolving his show, Extended Play, which turned into the current X-Play. With that type of long history and relationship, this move makes a lot of sense, as Sessler can now work with his old partner that allowed him to bring a new concept to live on TV. Plus, with Revision3 being currently owned by Discovery Communications and with the brand airing original content on YouToo TV, formally the American Life Network, it's possible we'll see Adam on TV real soon.

Adam was also excited about this news, teasing us for almost a week with subtle messages on Twitter about him having to put his pants back on. He spoke on his excitement of this new job in the blog post, too, saying that he will continue to turn heads and address the gaming industry directly.

While we may not know exactly what may come as of yet, I can assure you that it will be honest, it will continue my interest in raising the discourse of videogames beyond the false contests of reviews and the fetishization of minutiae, and it will involve you, the community, because you are playing the games along with us. Most of all, it will be fun and inclusive. Come all and get some.

So congratulations, Adam! We're happy to see that you're at a place where you feel welcomed and appreciated again. I personally look forward to seeing what impact you will have in a new home and how you will continue to put game developers in their place when they screw up. Are you excited to see Sessler, and hopefully his soapbox, back? Let us know in the comments and be sure check below for the video he posted on the news.


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