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G4 to Cancel Attack of the Show and X-Play, Switching Station's Focus

posted Friday Oct 26, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

G4 to Cancel Attack of the Show and X-Play, Switching Station's Focus

We said back when Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira left G4 that the network would soon be facing a complete shutdown. Well, while others may have reported rumors of a potential demise of the gaming-centric TV station last month, as G4 struggles to compete with Spike, we knew this was a long time coming. It has been announced today that G4 is canceling X-Play, Attack of the Show and any other gaming programming. The network, currently run by NBCUniversal, has been telling its employees in various meetings throughout the day.

Losing two of their head talent in a matter of months wasn't a very good start for the station and everyone had a feeling that it just wouldn't be the same once they left, and they were right. Ratings have been down and there has been less and less gaming and tech news being given on the respective shows. As far as when the shows will actually be canned for good, we have learned that both AOTS and X-Play will be getting two-month long farewells, airing new, original episodes until the end of the year, at which point the shows will be terminated. It is expected that celebrities and G4 talent from the past will appear on-air during the send-off period.

Once that happens, the company will shift the focus to a GQ-esque channel lineup, focusing on a lifestyle network that appeals to the casual and modern male demographic. So there marks the ten-year run of two very nerd culture-focused shows that definitely brought to the mainstream life the things that most of you who read this publication or listen to our show have loved since you were kids. I'm just putting this out there, though: if Morgan Webb, Candance Bailey or Sara Underwood need a new place to work, we here at F5 Live would love to have you onboard. I'm just saying.


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