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Nokia Announces the New Flagship Windows Phone

posted Saturday Sep 8, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Nokia Announces the New Flagship Windows Phone

The Nokia Lumia 900 has been the source of a lot of conversation since its release. Many people were incredibly excited about the flagship handset for Windows Phone 7, but there was only one major problem - it came out just ahead of the announcement that Windows Phone 8 was right around the corner and current model handsets would not be able to run it. Add to that a marketing campaign about the smartphone beta test and there is a lot of potential for unhappy customers and comedic fodder. At least WinPho 7.8 will bring some of the enhancements to the existing handsets.

Luckily Nokia has provided a solution to the problem, and they call it the Lumia 920. If you are under contract with a 900 you are out of luck, but for those of us who waited it out will get the ability to get a hold of the successor to the original flagship handset, and it will certainly be worth the wait. One of the new features of the Lumia 920 is wireless charging, using the Qi technology. This is a feature that is exciting to me as a webOS device owner. None of my devices ever really get plugged in, they all charge through induction. Fulton Innovation has been fighting with the Consumer Electronic Association to bring induction charging through their Qi standard to new devices and this indicates that the concept is catching on.

What else does the new Lumia 920 offer to Windows Phone customers? Hit the break for the details and photos.

Nokia has also enhanced the camera of the 920. Complete with a Carl Zeiss lens and total optical image stabilization, there is no better way to get clear photos and level, stable videos on the market today. The combination of technologies is called PureView, which also includes low light correction, allowing clean video and photos even in the dark-ish. What I read here is better "personal videos" to leak onto the web.

A great camera is nothing without a great screen, though. Nokia has made sure that you can show off your newly taken photos and videos with pride with the new PureMotion screen. Like PureView, PureMotion combines technologies, like "the world's brightest, fastest and most sensitive touchscreen." This screen will make the colors on Windows Phone, as well as your photos and videos, really pop and stand out.

Combine these features with Nokia Music, their free music streaming service, City Lens, their enhancement to Microsoft's virtual assistant, and a sleek design, this phone should definitely be on every smartphone owner's shortlist for their next purchase.

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