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Wholesale Retailer Posts Possible Pricing and Availability of Wii U

posted Friday Sep 7, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Wholesale Retailer Posts Possible Pricing and Availability of Wii U

Nintendo showed us all types of fun and games that could be on had on their Wii U at their E3 press conference. Unfortunately, we only were allowed to see one of the actual consoles and nobody seemed to want to talk about specs or pricing. Luckily, we saw Wii U specs leaked last month prior to PAX but still there wasn't a word about pricing. You'd think that being this close to holiday season, that would be information Nintendo would think we might want to know in order to plan our purchasing. However that does not seem to be the case.

The good news is that there is always one company that lists their holiday bundles a little early on their websites. Whether it be "by accident" or not, we have a little more insight, albeit out of the rumor mill realm of the tech world, on some pricing and availability for Nintendo's make or break console.

For what that news is and a little on "whodunnit," check with us after the break.

Video Product Distributors, a retail distribution company that handles the logistics for companies like Amazon and Newegg, has internally listed three different Wii U holiday bundles and has marked them with a November 11th street date. VPD was even nice enough to price them out for us, at $249, $299 and $349. The bad news is that there was no other information or detail about the items. What we saw, instead, were simple blurbs.

WIIU SYSTEM - GM - 11/11/12 $249.99... WIIU SYSTEM W/ - GM - 11/11/12 $299.99... WIIU SYSTEM 349 W/ - GM - 11/11/12 $349.99

Because of the vague nature of the listings, it is very possible that these are merely placeholders for when the company gets real information about the Wii U consoles from Nintendo, but it doesn't hurt to dream about some news, right? Nobody has confirmed one way or the other as of yet. Many analysts agree that a $249 price point would be just the ticket to get hardcore and casual gamers to pickup the new console.

We also should point out that VPD might be prepping ahead of Nintendo's big Wii U event in New York on the 13th, which could mean official announcement of pricing and availability. When the event happens, we'll be sure to keep everyone plugged in on what Nintendo has to say. Until then, click the source link to see a screenshot of the VPD listings and give us your thoughts on what could be a bundled Wii U package in the comments section below.


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