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Samsung to Make Windows RT Tablet and Will Launch When OS Hits Market

posted Saturday Jul 14, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Samsung to Make Windows RT Tablet and Will Launch When OS Hits Market

As we predicted, it looks like Samsung isn't bothered by Microsoft designing their own tablet. As discussed just a couple weeks ago, Microsoft also announced that they would not be making their own smartphones and instead were happy with Nokia as a manufacturer and wanted to continue its relationship with Samsung for WinPho8.

The good news is that Samsung is likely to come out with Windows Phone 8 devices in the future, but for now, the company has announced that they will launch a tablet with Microsoft's Windows RT software when the OS hits the market later this year. Samsung has said that they've already created a device built on Windows' new ARM-based OS, according to sources who have asked to not be recognized. Those sources also said that the device should be available during launch week. This also follows suit with Samsung's previous statement that they would support the alternate version of Windows, and Microsoft's direct challenge to Apple's iDevices. Interestingly enough, HP has said last week that they would not be supporting the Windows RT effort and will instead focus on Windows 8 proper hardware.

How will this affect Samsung's devotion to the mobile world? We have our thoughts after the break.

For Samsung, their RT tablet will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and looks to be Samsung's attempt to get into any market that they can, hoping to take marketshare away from the Google, Apple and HTCs of the world. Considering the success they've had with the Galaxy (+Tab) series of devices they've manufactured for Android, it seems as if the company is looking to capitalize on their name recognition in order to have the Windows RT tablet emerge from the sea of other tablets that are out there.

The question that remains is if we will see Samsung turn away from manufacturing Android mobile devices. We know they have their hands in the Windows pot, as we've seen with previous Windows 7 tablet. Will Samsung's loyalty go straight to Microsoft or will the company continue to build products for both operating systems? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know if you'd consider buying a Samsung RT tablet.


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