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Minecraft Gets a Myriad of Updates for Both Xbox 360 and PC Editions

posted Sunday Jul 8, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Minecraft Gets a Myriad of Updates for Both Xbox 360 and PC Editions

Minecraft is growing more and more popular by the way of giving Xbox 360 users a taste of how great the game has become. While the 360 version is still several updates away from the current PC edition, it's going to be getting several enhancements added in the coming weeks that will certainly add some "curb-stomping cool factor" to the game. Also, the PC version is getting an update as well.

Let's start with the PC. Minecraft will be updating to version 1.3 on August 1st. This update will merge the single and multiplayer modes of the game. Interestingly, the single player mode will actually be a "shell on top of multiplayer." Mojang, the developer of the game, said the reason for the change was to accommodate those who will be using the upcoming modding API. If the modes were not merged, creators would have had to develop two different versions of the mod for each mode, which just takes up time. The only issue with the "shell" is that single player games will now take bit more processor power but Mojang said they look to remedy that in version 1.4.

Added to 1.3 will also be emeralds and emerald ore, writing in books, an extra chest for new players to the game and the benefit of buying goods from NPCs in villages. 1.3 will be getting an RC version about a week before the slated August 1st release date.

For the Xbox 360, while you still may be a handful of updates away from an interactive NPC village, you will get the ability to no longer look like the Swedish version of Pete Sampras. Minecraft will be getting a DLC pack of about 40 different player skins to coincide with the 1.7.3 beta update that was entered into Microsoft Cert Testing this week. You will get access to some of the popular original skins found in the PC version but will also be privy to five exclusive console skins not available on the computer. We will see skins like the Creeper, 'Splosion Man, Ms. 'Splosion Man, a scientist from 'Splosion Man (Dr. 'Splosion Man?), the guy from Trials, Covenant Grunt, King, Jack of Blades, Clayton Carmine, Banjo, a prisoner, Danklef and one more I can't seem to remember. Oh yeah, it's Master Chief! You read that correctly; you can now go on a killing spree in style as Halo's own solo-shooter extraordinaire. All of that plus the rest of the 40 skins will only run you 160 Microsoft Points when it hits the Xbox Live Marketplace.

So who's playing Minecraft or is considering it? We have a world you can play in whenever I'm online, just add F5 Penguin to your friends list and play along with me! Tell us in the comments section what your favorite thing about the game is, or what is your favorite skin from the Xbox pack.


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