The Apple is No Longer Greener on the Other Side

The Apple is No Longer Greener on the Other Side

posted Saturday Jul 7, 2012 by Scott Ertz

The Apple is No Longer Greener on the Other Side

Apple has long billed itself as an environmentally friendly company. In fact, essentially the entire line of Apple products has been EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) certified. Not that this was a big accomplishment, as millions of electronics products are on this registry. It makes sense, since many schools, corporations and government agencies will only purchase products that are on the registry, either by matter of law, conscience or charter. One of the reasons is because EPEAT encourages products to be recyclable, such as being easily openable with standard tools and with the ability to disassemble the components easily.

Well, Apple's products are certainly not that. If you have ever had the guts to try and change the battery in an iPhone, you know that there is no real way to do it without ruining the housing. This coming from someone who has replaced communications boards between phones without concern, so you know it is a pretty serious effort, unless you have Apple's special tools. Unfortunately, Apple's special tools are not "standard tools" and therefore, the products do not meet the EPEAT requirements for registry. Because of this, Apple has notified EPEAT to remove all of their products, almost 40 in total, from the registry.

How will this affect Apple and what do the two organization have to say about the move? Hit the break for more.

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