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Vizio Adds Another Tech Offering with the Co-Star Streaming Media Player

posted Sunday Jul 1, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Vizio Adds Another Tech Offering with the Co-Star Streaming Media Player

Vizio has been known for a while now to make affordable TVs that feature a pretty nice looking picture on their screens. Last week, I mentioned that Vizio was launching a brand new line of sleek-looking PCs and laptops. Now, I have learned that the company is also looking to bridge the browsing and viewing products with a new streaming media player.

The Co-Star Stream Player, Vizio's newest tech toy, will feature the most recent version of Google TV to allow HDTVs to turn into Smart TVs, giving you live and streaming entertainment to a TV that otherwise couldn't be connected to the Internet. The company's attempt at a Roku/Boxee will have the usual line-up of what seems to be thousands of apps, and will feature full-screen web surfing using Google Chrome, with Flash and HTML 5 support. The device connects to your cable box so that your live TV works in-line with the Co-Star's apps and even OnLive's gaming service. What this does is allows you to use one remote to control all of the action without ever having to switch inputs to get to your additional box.

That remote to control it all will be the Co-Star's Bluetooth universal remote, complete with a touchpad with gesture support, and a QWERTY keyboard. The Co-Star will also support 1080p and 3D and has a USB port and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Aside from it being completely Google-powered, for $99.99 it's a good option for those looking to save a little bit and still want 1080p support. Vizio is taking pre-orders and is offering free shipping for those who act now.

It's interesting to see Vizio expanding their line of tech offerings as well as partnering up with some big names in order to make an impact in the spaces they are entering. I feel at this point a Vizio WinPho8 smartphone might not be out of the question. Combine that with a new Vizio electric car and smarthouse and Vizio will take over the world by 2016!


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