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Vizio Brings Sexy Back with New Line of Computers, All While Still Packing a Punch

posted Saturday Jun 23, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Vizio Brings Sexy Back with New Line of Computers, All While Still Packing a Punch

We thought Vizio might have been a little crazy when they said at CES that they were going to start making PCs this year. I am pleased to announce I am a bit surprised in seeing their new lineup has a lot of power under the respective hoods and are made pretty well. Here's a bonus: your eyes aren't fooling you either, as the images you're looking at are not Macs. They're Vizio PCs, and they're pretty damn sexy.

Vizio's new line of computers include two thin and light notebooks, a 15-inch powerhouse and a lovely duo of all-in-one PCs. These guys, however, stand out above the rest simply for their looks alone. We have a little more breakdown of the products after the break.

Those of you who have been wanting a featherweight machine for a while but haven't found Mr. Right just yet, Vizio's Thin+Light line might be up your alley. Available in 14 or 15.6" flavors, their aluminum, single-body design with seven hours of battery life and solid state hard drive should piqued your interest. The lightweight notebooks come with an HDMI port as well, just to sweeten the deal.

However, maybe portable isn't an option (especially if your battery plate weighs ten pounds like mine does). Perhaps power and media-centricity is more your thing. Look no further than the Vizio Notebook. The 15.6" notebook may be a bit heavier than its anorexic counterparts but it also carries more junk in the trunk. The notebook can be upgraded to include up to a 2GB DDR5 discrete graphics card on top of all the other goodies you'd expect in a laptop today.

However, Vizio wouldn't complete the sleek and sexy look without a couple of all-in-ones. Their 24" and 27" PCs are the complete package of power and eye-catching. Each one comes with a 1080p screen, wireless keyboard and an actual touchpad with multi-touch functionality. That's not all though, folks. This AIO has dual HDMI ports. Want to run surround sound along with your Xbox 360 or cable box? No problem on this one! This is a feature that you don't see even in some of the high-end Dell or HP machines.

Of course, the entire computer lineup rocks the new Intel Ivy Bridge processor and an exclusive "Signature Edition" (read: OEM) of Windows 7, which means no crapware or third-party additions were thrown into the mix. Interested in buying one of these? Hit up a Target, Costco, Sam's Club or Amazon and get your hands on one today. Even if you buy the AIO for the aesthetics alone, you're still getting an amazing machine at a more affordable price than the big-name competitors' models.


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