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The Office Team to Tackle Third Series

posted Saturday Jun 30, 2012 by Scott Ertz

The Office Team to Tackle Third Series

The word "spin-off" has been surrounding The Office for almost as long as it has been on the air, but it has never happened. The last time major talks were had, it resulted in Karen leaving to run her own branch and, instead of a spin-off, we were given Parks & Rec, which is a more viable show than a Karen Filippelli-centric Dunder Mifflin show. This time the producers are looking at an original to leave and take the reigns of his own series: Dwight Schrute.

It is a compelling prospect, for sure. Dwight has always excelled at, but never really fit into, the office life. While winning sales competition after competition, he has always focused on his beet farm/bed and breakfast. Whether hosting a garden party for Andy, a romantic weekend away for Jim & Pam or a creepy setting for "sales training" for Ryan, Dwight always manages to get back to the farm. That is where the new series, or at least the pilot, will take place.

For more details on Dwight's possible new career, hit the break.

Dwight, along with his family, will focus their lives on running Schrute Farms, the family's beet farm and B&B. The casting call describes the new characters like this:

FANNIE SCHRUTE - "Attractive, urban and in her late 20s/early 30s, Dwight's younger sister fled the Schrute farm life for Boston as soon as she could, and has had little to do with her roots for quite some time. Now divorced with one son, Fannie is 'a bit of a pseudo-intellectual lefty' with an ironic sense of humor and a great heart."

JEB SCHRUTE - "Dwight's easygoing thirtysomething brother hasn't done well in any of the career paths he's followed - worm breeder and Bigfoot hunter among them - but has found some success with a pot farm. He's got none of Dwight's dedication or work ethic, but he has made an exercise video about things you can do with a knife and a canoe."

CAMERON WHITMAN - "Dwight's smart and slightly weird 9-year-old nephew (Fannie's son) is a cosmopolitan lad who nevertheless feels the pull of his Schrute heritage, especially when he's around someone - his uncles, perhaps? - who can offer the fatherly guidance he lacks."

HEINRICH MANHEIM - "The Schrute siblings' great uncle is charming, greedy, manipulative… and just may have had to spend time in Argentina following World War II, thanks to his German National Socialist roots. Oh, and he vows to kill Dwight by the end of the first episode."

Obviously cousin Mose is missing from the list. Since leaving as Executive Producer of The Office to go take on the same challenge at Parks & Rec, Mose has barely been seen. My guess is that this will be no different, with Mose either being gone for good, or reappearing only for single episode cameos. The pilot will air as an episode of Season 9 of The Office, but if it is well received, Dwight may leave Dunder Mifflin forever, or at least until his spin-off fails.


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