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Medal of Honor Returns With International Elites

posted Wednesday Jun 6, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Medal of Honor Returns With International Elites

Seemingly everyone on the planet knows who the Navy Seals are but did you know that most militarized nations have a "tier 1" elite squad? If you had no idea, then Medal of Honor: Warfighter is here to enlighten you. Danger Close, the studio behind this new title, will be bringing together the best of the best - 12 elite squadrons from 10 nations, to play in a modern, realistic shooter.

Unlike other modern shooters, this one takes all of its scenes and scenarios from real-life events and situations. In multiplayer mode, you are given the ability to choose which country, and by default, which unit you want to play as. Then, you are partnered with another player on your team to form a 2-man "fireteam." These pairs are given special abilities, such as the ability to see each other on the map at any time from any distance. You also have the ability to revive a fallen partner by killing his killer. If that doesn't happen, you serve as a mobile respawn point for your partner.

This pairing concept adds an interesting dynamic to the already existing teamwork foundation for any multiplayer. That isn't the only reason to give the game a chance though. Hit the break for more details.

More important than a unique multiplayer experience is gameplay, and this game seems to have looked for and fixed all of the little inconsistencies with most FPS titles. First, the game looks good. None of the half-rendered, cartoony elements of Call of Duty: Black Ops that have kept me from being able to even watch the game. Instead we are given fully-rendered water that even accurately visualizes bullets on and under water.

Other details not overlooked are things like recoil. We have seen more than one game this week where, as Jon said to me during one presentation, "The only reason the guy's arm moved is because he was expecting recoil he didn't get." This is not one of those games.

The team has also taken into consideration life to damage ratios and movement speed, all calibrated to create a good balance of control and fun. Combine that with solid game mechanics and unique gameplay modes and this is definitely a game to check out when it launches October 23.


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