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Crytek Brings the Crysis 3 Goodness

posted Wednesday Jun 6, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Crytek Brings the Crysis 3 Goodness

Crysis has been a household name since it first started melting processors many years back. Crytek, the company which started the game, is back with the third installment of the franchise. This game takes place 25 years after the last one and you get to play as Prophet.

Obviously you will still be fighting the Ceph, and you will get to do so in the overgrown ruins of what was once New York City. The city has become a sort of rainforest, with massive trees inhabiting familiar scenes. In addition, it has been taken over and put in a dome to try and contain the problem.

What new weapons and abilities does Prophet get in the new game? Hit the break for that, plus the E3 trailer.

First of all, you get a compound bow. While this might seem inappropriate, in this urban jungle setting, a hunter's weapon is not out of the ordinary. One of the best things about the bow is that there are different types of arrows you can use, including electric and explosive. This certainly gives you a more interesting array of ways to kill enemies. Also, the weapon does not break stealth, so an up-close and personal arrow to the knee is totally possible.

Your second toy is the nanosuit from the previous games. Don't worry, though, it has been enhanced with Ceph technology. This gives you the ability to collect enemy weapons you encounter throughout the game and use them against their creators. That is always a psychically satisfying scenario. There is nothing better than killing a guy with his own gun. Well, maybe an exploding arrow to the knee.


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