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Microsoft to Launch Smart Glass, Possibly Tomorrow

posted Sunday Jun 3, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft to Launch Smart Glass, Possibly Tomorrow

This is one of the two times of year when every time you turn around, there's another rumor, and it is so much fun for us to sift through the muck to find what might actually be truth. This rumor comes to us care of Microsoft and a number of domain registrations. Recently, Microsoft has registered The site does not currently have content, but instead redirects to a Bing search for "microsoftsmartglass." Certainly a clever way to have a website about a product that is unannounced that is full of content.

So, what is Smart Glass? By all rumored accounts, it is an application suite that will allow people to stream content from their mobile phones and tablets directly to any television, using their Xbox 360. It is expected to be unveiled tomorrow at their E3 press conference in Los Angeles. Rumors of a pre-event meeting suggest that the app will be available for iOS, Android and, of course, Windows Phone. The obvious missing platform is BlackBerry, but with the trouble that company is in, that is not all that much of a surprise. If RIM can make their BlackBerry 10 platform successful, maybe it will be added in the future.

Clearly this is direct response to Apple's livingroom strategy, currently involving iPhones, AirPlay-compatible devices and the current Apple TV. With the pending launch of an actual television from Apple as well, their livingroom strategy will be complete. Microsoft has a large install-base of Xbox 360s, though, and with the ability to use it from iOS and Android, this will give Redmond a huge advantage over Cupertino. Everything Apple does works with Apple, meaning you will have to own an iPhone and an Apple Television. With Smart Glass, you will be able to use any television and almost any phone, the only qualifier is that you own an Xbox 360. Honestly, who doesn't, right?

So, is this a product you are excited to see? Would you use it if it becomes a reality tomorrow? Does it bother you that BlackBerry is not included? We want to know in the comments section. Also, don't miss our liveblog from the Microsoft event tomorrow, available right here!


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