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Beyond: Two Souls - Seems as Though I Just Became a New PlayStation Player

posted Friday Jun 8, 2012 by Carla Newsom

<i>Beyond: Two Souls</i> - Seems as Though I Just Became a New PlayStation Player

This week during LA gaming week 2012 Sony announced a new single-player game, Beyond: Two Souls. We are excited for this game which is estimated to be released in Spring 2013 for the PS3. The main character, Jodie Holmes, who is a young female with supernatural powers and a link with an invisible entity, will be played in a "unique way" by Ellen Page. "{She} is the most incredible Jodie Holmes I could dream of," says David Gage from Quantic Dream.

At the press conference, David Gage showed us some scenes from the game that just grasp hold of your attention and do not let go. He explains that Beyond: Two Souls tells Holmes' story in a 15 year timeframe, starting from the time that she was 8 years old. In the first scene of the game we see that Jodie Holmes is sitting in a police station. The officer who seems to have found her on the side of the road is asking her questions to see how he can help her.

Was there an accident?

Did someone try to hurt you?

Is there someone I can contact?


Finally when he is about to give up, disappointed by her silence, he notices a scar on the top of her head and asks if it's recent. A look of concern is displayed on Holmes' face and just then the coffee that he brought her shatters against the wall... without anyone's help. The officer, now confused, announces that he is leaving the room and will be right outside the door. Holmes slightly looks up to her left and says, "I know. They're coming." She appears to be speaking to an invisible entity, who Nick is 99.9999% sure is named Ivan. Although unfortunately from the clip, is unclear and there is still debate in the office as to what the name of this entity really could've been. Just then SWAT busts through the front door of the police station and asking for the girl that was brought in earlier. The preview shows more clips, which appear to be flashbacks throughout the game:

  • Holmes on a motorcycle being chased by a helicopter.
  • Holmes fighting off a police dog.
  • Explosions
  • Cars flipping over in the air.
  • Fights on top of moving trains, where she seems to surround herself with an impenetrable force as she jumps off the train, avoiding gunfire.

The video ends with the leader of the SWAT team, that we saw earlier, on the ground after an explosion. Holmes grabbing him by the collar of his shirt telling him to leave her alone or next time she'll kill everyone, and then saying, "Come on, Ivan."

I am more of an Xbox girl and know that with this game, I may just need to start playing on my brother's PS3.

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