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FreeCast Wants to Give You a Whole New World of Free Content

posted Saturday Dec 10, 2011 by Jon Wurm

FreeCast Wants to Give You a Whole New World of Free Content

FreeCast is an online content provider and aggregate that takes an interactive approach to making all the free TV, radio, movie, YouTube and cable content out in the world available in one place, at no cost to the user. They have thousands of channels for Internet-based TV content from some big networks like USA, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, AMC and more. They can also stream multi-player games and radio stations to your computer, TV (with WiFi) tablet and smartphone users thanks to their Android and iOS apps. Their own FreeCast Network focuses on production of original content through user-created channels that can be about practically anything, adding some unique content on top of the 1.5 million new videos they integrate into their service everyday.

All of this has been integrated in an effort to achieve the lofty goal of becoming the largest open collection of media channel links on the Internet. IMDB made a similar claim a long time ago but FreeCast seems to be moving forward quickly with their free and unlimited approach.

Since FreeCast does not charge its users and only focuses on the integration of free content, they have been able to put together some interesting partnerships with paid subscription-based services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Samsung and more.

  • Free My Jukebox Software – Create Your Own Home Jukebox of 1000′s Songs! (Value $99.00)
  • Free 1 Month Trial Amazon Prime Unlimited Streaming and Home Delivery New Release Movies
  • Free 1 Month Trial Netflix Unlimited Streaming of New Release Movies
  • Free Online Games Membership – Unlimited FREE Play Games
  • Free Adult Movies Membership and Starter VOD Minutes. (Must Be 18+ Years of Age)
  • Free Daily Promotion Play for Chance to Win Top of the Line Samsung High Definition Home Entertainment & Personal Electronic Makeover or $50,000.00 Cash!

FreeCast also has something in mind for Facebook users, find out what after the break.

William Mobley, FreeCast's CEO just announced a Facebook integration with the their service that will benefit Facebook users and the content provider whose content is made readily available through a single click.

Both the content providers and Facebook benefit from eyeballs being directed to their content, resulting in more time online and thus increased advertising revenue. There are also benefits to others, including college alumni, ethnic/country specific or ex-pat's, numerous like-minded special interest groups and politicians now able to distribute messages, video clips, promotional materials, etc. via instant Facebook alerts to their "Likes" and the "Share" methods, creating mass viral distribution to their followers from their own video channels.

If implemented properly, the Facebook integration should help them to continue making money through specifically targeted on-channel advertisements, which is currently their only revenue stream. The success of their service seems to be to the benefit of all affiliated parties since users are redirected to the content producers website, but it does poke at traditional cable/satellite services as well as nuanced services like TV Everywhere and Hulu Plus which are attempts to transplant their old business model onto the Internet. I guess the real question is, will enough free content mixed in with a pinch of Netflix be enough for current cable/satellite subscribers to denounce their boxes/dishes? FreeCast lays down their thoughts here.


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