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Putting TV and the Internet Together

posted Sunday Nov 22, 2009 by Jon Wurm

Putting TV and the Internet Together

Good news everyone! TVs are still everywhere and most households have more than one but TVs are so last MacWorld. I want my TV in my computer without forcefully trying to insert it into my monitor. Will my dreams ever be realized in a manner that is efficient and practical? It does seem plausible. We covered the initial story a few weeks ago so feel free to fresh yourself and your screen here TV Is Everywhere, Hulu Is Not.

TV Everywhere is certainly an exciting prospect considering the fact that it takes an old business model and meshes it with a new medium and it's reasonable to expect some turbulence along the way. The most pertinent issues so far are related to advertising. "Channel conflict" happens when two ad sales teams sell the same product or brand. Restricting advertising right to one seller would solve the problem but is also a risk since it is unlikely they will be able to effectively reach a large target market.

The current solution being looked to is using new ad-serving technology to allow content owners to delegate the right to sell their product or brand. Another issue is increasing ad revenues which can't be achieved by bombarding the user with ads. Instead they are looking to be smarter about how ads are targeted by considering where the user came from, what content they viewed, downloaded etc. and what they are watching. Lastly, there would have to be a way for advertisers to customize their ads and get them to the places they need to go in order to be effective and efficient which also suggests some automation would be necessary. The developers are considering a Dell-like mass customization model to address these issues.

Auditude is the company providing the ad platform that could help TV Everywhere overcome it's big advertising issues and it is good to see some new and creative solutions in the works that would seem to benefit companies and customers alike. It will be interesting to follow this story as it progress and we will keep you posted. Are you excited or apprehensive about all this? Let us know.


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