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Windows 8 Public Beta Could be Out as Soon as February

posted Friday Dec 2, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Windows 8 Public Beta Could be Out as Soon as February

Microsoft's recent //build/windows Conference let us have a real good look at what makes Windows 8 the next best operating system. The Developer Preview has been out for a little while now and engineers have been able to come up with some cool, innovative ways to interact with the new OS.

Microsoft has an upcoming developer event on December 6th, and has informed us that we should see Windows 8 hit public beta sometime around February of next year. Following that, we may even see the RTM (release-to-manufacturing) version arriving somewhere in June. Fun fact: Dec 6 also marks the date where we should see the new Xbox dashboard, coming off the heels of their recent holiday updates.

The announcement of Windows 8 moving so quickly is good news for anyone wanting a decent Windows tablet that isn't the Slate 2. Microsoft needs to make a dent in the tablet market as soon as possible if they want to try and compete moving into 2012. However, it's also great for Windows 7 users who upgraded to the OS when it first launched and need an upgrade option.

We have no word right now on the features we'd see in the beta but we were told that the feature list has not been set yet. Also keep in mind that the Developer Preview is changing every week and that we will see additions in the beta that we may not have seen at all in the Preview.

At any rate, this is exciting news as Microsoft gets geared up for CES and the new year.


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