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HP's CTO Shane Robison Leaving the Company

posted Sunday Oct 23, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

HP's CTO Shane Robison Leaving the Company

This has not been a good time at all for HP. First, their TouchPad disaster caused the CEO, Leo Apotheker, to be replaced. The new exec, eBay's former CEO, Meg Whitman, said she was going to stay the course and continue HP's plans to restructure and sell-off it's computer business.

This week, more bad news for HP. Their Chief Technical Officer, Shane Robison, has left the building. Robison, who also served on the HP executive council, will be leaving the company on November 1st after serving for over 11 years. However, his position will not be filled once his desk clears out.

The company said this on his upcoming departure:

He was responsible for shaping HP's corporate strategy and technology agenda. He was instrumental in steering the company's multibillion-dollar research and development investment and has led many of the company's largest merger and acquisition activities.

This leave marks the first brass of HP to leave after Whitman's takeover as CEO. She commented, "Shane (Robison) has been a powerful innovator for our business groups and other corporate divisions. His passion for research and development has ensured that innovation continues at HP."

It's interesting to see this departure happen right now, as HP needs to figure out what to do (or sell, disband or spin-off) next. If the end-goal is to turn HP into a logistics company, it sure is succeeding by removing any advisers to technology.


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