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THX Turns Attention to Mobile Devices and Tablets

posted Sunday Sep 18, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

THX Turns Attention to Mobile Devices and Tablets

It seems like HTC isn't the only company who cares about mobile audio. According to THX, they announced this week that they are looking to improve and certify the quality of sound in tablets and mobile devices. THX is considered one of the leading audio experts in the industry that specialize in certifying audio receivers and TVs as products that specifically provide the best sound and video output.

For more on what's in store for the device in your pocket or purse, follow us after the break.

THX's senior vice president Rick Dean said that these portable devices, like smartphones and tablets, are clearly being used more and more for media consumption. He added that as this usage increases, a standard needs to be placed that lets people know certain devices are going to outperform others in terms of audio and video quality.

We are actively going down that path right now. Five years ago, I said that we should really get into the mobile audio world, but they said, 'You can't get a theatrical experience out of that, you're listening to it with earbuds.'

But look at the way that music is consumed today. And it's got to the point where I know I can work with a company who makes phones like these here (iPhone 4s). Maybe produce an app that will improve the user experience. Although, there's only so much you can do with a screen this size.

The good news is that Dean realizes, like the rest of us, that these devices can connect to your HDTV at home or a projector at work, where image quality goes a lot further, and that quality can be scrutinized even more. This is where THX looks to help, with a technology known as digital signal processing.

There are things that can be done that can enhance that experience – the clever use of compression technologies, the clever use of DSP which can sense the effect of compression on audio and video and try to restore a little of that sharpness.

THX has not decided on whether it will only deal with certification, with providing licensed software like Media Director or both, and they do not have a time frame on when they look to begin implementing their plans. However, if THX is involved, we can be assured that their attention in the matter will give consumers a little more accurate account on what device they may choose if audio and video experience is a priority.


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