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HTC Quickly Adds Beats to the HTC Sensation with a Special Edition

posted Sunday Sep 4, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

HTC Quickly Adds Beats to the HTC Sensation with a Special Edition

I promised an update after I broke the news on HTC's majority stake acquisition of Beats Audio, but I certainly didn't expect an update to come so soon after the announcement. Add to that the fact that we already have a device slated for launch and we have something interesting to discuss this week!

A picture and the news can be found after the break.

HTC is revising the Sensation to include a Sensation Special Edition 2, which is going to sport, you guessed it, Beats Audio. Not only that, but we will be seeing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor in this thing, and four times the amount of internal storage, moving the capacity up to 4GB. Oh yeah, and I should mention that there's a huge 1,730 mAh battery packed into this Sensation of a device.

What's cool here is that HTC is going to package this Special Edition handset with a pair of in-ear Beats as well. Now, while I may not be a fan of the in-ears, citing fitting issues, they are definitely a great investment for those whose ears may not be as strange as mine. These buds are also going to have a remote control built-in so that, just like the iBeats, you can switch songs and adjust volume without having to turn on the smartphone.

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The price point on this version of the Sensation looks to be around $847, however we have to remember a basic version of Beats headphones start at around $120, so you're looking at $600-$650 for the handset alone. We don't have a release date, but it seems that HTC is ready to put these in hands of consumers very soon, and I can say that I wish there was a standard CDMA version for me to put my hands on.


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