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FOX's Anti-Internet Policy Leads to Piracy

posted Saturday Aug 27, 2011 by Scott Ertz

FOX's Anti-Internet Policy Leads to Piracy

It's been a month since FOX announced its 8 day Internet rule and only 2 weeks since it has gone into effect, but the results are already becoming apparent. As most people on the Internet knew before the rule went into effect, the result is, of course, piracy.

People do not use services like Hulu because they enjoy commercials; they do so because it is an easy and convenient way to get content in good quality legally. Hulu, however, is not the only way to get HD video online. There are plenty of sources for downloading video illegally, cutting the studios and broadcasters out of all revenue. That is exactly what is happening with FOX.

Want more on the cause and effect of the decision? Hit the break.

FOX is clearly concerned about a loss of revenue from streaming content online versus broadcasting it on television. The problem that FOX and other networks are having is the acceptance of the transition of media. Research has shown that young people are watching more of their media on the computer than they are on television. The source of that media, however, can fluctuate.

What FOX has done with this decision is they have taken themselves out of the revenue stream altogether. Their fear of change has lead them to exactly what they were afraid of - a major loss of revenue. If people cannot access FOX's content easily through Hulu, they will find it another way, but they will not wait a full 8 days before seeing a show they know is out there.

Hopefully FOX will see this result as a tell that they made a mistake and reverse the decision. Only time will tell, though.


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