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FOX Limits How Soon You Can Watch Their Content Online After It Airs

posted Wednesday Jul 27, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

FOX Limits How Soon You Can Watch Their Content Online After It Airs

In less than a month, FOX Broadcasting will be launching a new campaign to go after the pirates (Davey Jones, Giant Squid). FOX is aiming to make sure cord-cutters aren't going to benefit from sites like Hulu and anymore. Starting on August 15th, if you have DISH Network, you will be the first to be able to watch new episodes of FOX TV shows online. If you don't have DISH, you will have to wait 8 days after the episode airs on TV. This change will affect anywhere that hosts FOX TV shows on their site, legally, of course. This particularly affects and Hulu.

We have more on the change and why after the break.

The new FOX page about the change in policy says that DISH is the first TV provider to run with this idea, but "more are coming soon". Members of Hulu Plus will also be an exception to this rule, as they are currently paying a premium as it is.

We've already seen paid-TV channels do this type of scenario where you have to log in and prove you are a member of a specific TV provider in order to get access to their content. ESPN and their list of sub-channels along with EPIX have adopted this method a while ago and it seems to be working for them, however FOX would be the first broadcast company to do the same.

Why the change? It all goes back to the fact that advertisers don't think the whole using the Internet for media consumption thing is going to work out. They think people aren't fast-forwarding their DVR's commercials, changing the live channels or getting up from the couch during breaks in TV shows. It is the exact reason Hulu has been having so much trouble getting the money and affiliations it needs to sustain itself and keep all content providers and customers alike, happy.

For broadcasters like FOX, they seem to really be afraid that everyone is going to cancel their cable and satellite services and run off to the Internet and never watch TV again. The problem here is that people are still buying TVs, but are just looking for a better way to specifically target the content they want to watch, pay for it, and have the best medium to stream it from. I can't tell you how many cable boxes I've gone through in the five years I've been a customer with my current cable provider, but I have yet to swap out my Xbox 360, other than to upgrade to the new S model, and the Xbox is where I watch my Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Do you think this move will backfire for FOX? Can you wait 8 days to watch the latest Family Guy or will you head over to the torrents or the long list of free-streaming websites to get your fill? Tell us in the comments!

The press release is below and hit the source link to see FOX's FAQ and how they "understand that this change to our site might be frustrating."

Press Release


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