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Chinese Parents Sell Their Three Children to Pay for Video Gaming

posted Tuesday Jul 26, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Chinese Parents Sell Their Three Children to Pay for Video Gaming

There are some things in life that you hear about and think are simply weird or strange. Other times, there are things that are confusing. This is one of those cases that go beyond the bizarre line and enter the "just plain wrong" category. Forget about selling your kidney for an iPad or your virginity for an iPhone, this week parents Li Lin and Li Juan have been accused of selling all three of their children to solve their need to play video games at several Internet lounges. I promise you, this is something even the best fake Apple store can't make up.

Ironically enough, the couple, both under 21 years old, met each other inside one of these web cafes in 2001. Only a year after that, they had their first son, which they left at home by himself days after birth so they could go play video games at a cafe nearly 20 miles away.

They then decided in 2009 to sell their second of their three kids, their infant daughter, for just $500 USD in order to pay for their gaming addiction. When funds ran tight again, they decided to sell their first son, who apparently was worth more at $4,600 USD. Then once their third son was born, they sold him and got almost another $4,600 USD.

How did they finally stop? Li Lin's mother reported them to the Chinese authorities when she learned what her son had done to her grandchildren.

"We don't want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money," was the reply when asked if they missed their kids and they claim that they didn't know selling their own flesh and blood was against the law. Did they not realize it was morally wrong as well? This really takes video game addiction to a whole new level.


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