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Capcom Strikes Yet Again!

posted Friday Jul 22, 2011 by Allante Sparks

Capcom Strikes Yet Again!

First Capcom re-releases Street Fighter 2 in full-HD, then they remastered Street Fighter 3 two times (soon to be a third released on XBL and PSN later this year) with Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact, and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. Let's not even begin to mention the number of games they have re-mastered two to three times over the years.

Capcom's most recent attempt to re-release a game three times was Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition but apparently that is not where it ends... Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was a smash hit from even before it's release date and has X-Factored it's way into fighting game fans hearts. Well now my duckies here come Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3!

For a list of features and even some video from the game, hit the break.

With a number of add-ons such as: 12 brand new characters, new moves to existing characters and balancing tweaks, new costumes for characters, new stages and now "X-factor" can be activated in mid-air!! As of July 21st, characters Strider Hiryu, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye and Firebrand were confirmed and gameplay was even provided for these characters. The video shows off their various skills and styles of game play.

While those four were confirmed officially, other characters were "leaked" accidentally and released into the public. All that is available is their legit artwork for the game, and those characters are: Virgil (the character I was rooting for - Dante's twin brother from DMC), Doctor Strange, Phoenix Wright, Iron Fist, Nova, Nemesis, Rocket Raccoon and of course Frank West! This is exciting, folks! The only downer is that just like Street Fighter IV to Super Street Fighter IV, this game will be a completely separate disk with a new but lowered price tag on it of $40.

The game play looks a bit smoother, mechanics have been altered slightly and there are a plethora of new goodies to give pleasure to all who have enjoyed the game thus-far! The release date is not until November, so keep that $40 stashed away for this one, because you know you want it.


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