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E3 2011 - The Adventures of TinTin The Game

posted Tuesday Jun 7, 2011 by Jon Wurm

E3 2011 - The Adventures of TinTin The Game

I was first introduced to the bright-eyed, young and adventures British boy named TinTin during Ubisoft's press conference this year. Apparently the 'The Game' part of the title indicates that the story came from somewhere else entirely, like a book or a movie. In fact, it is a film inspired game from Paramount Digital Entertainment which in turn originated from a variety of other French books.

In developing the game, people who helped produce the movie worked closely with Ubisoft to transcribe the look, feel and adventure of the movie in a way that worked. All the environments in the game are based on settings from the film to keep the world familiar to those who have only recently come to think of TinTin as a video game. The design is very clean and true to an early 20th century setting which is in keeping with previous iterations of the story. It almost has a young Indiana Jones appeal to it as TinTin seems like a nice young man but also has it in his character to shoot someone and not really think twice about it. In that way I find it amusing.

Hit the break to check out more info and the Ubisoft presensation of TinTin.

There is some freedom in the game play as you have the ability to decide when to switch between TinTin and his supporting characters, like his faithful dog Snowy or Captain Haddock. You can use your imagination to see why being a dog could be advantageous but it's difficult to think why you would want to be a grumpy old captain except to buy cigars and beer or feel better about being TinTin.

Overall, it looks like a lot of fun to play and although I've never seen the movie but that might be worth looking into as well. This could be a successful example of transmedia which would be exciting for developers and gamers alike. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


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