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E3 2011 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

posted Tuesday Jun 7, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

E3 2011 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

You want to talk about a development studio that knows how to thrown down at a press event? Let's talk about Ubisoft! Even if you remove the Rabbids, Ezio Firenze, Rayman and Jason Brody, all which blew my mind, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Solider stole the show on its own. If you thought what you saw with the Gunsmith feature from the Microsoft event, you, my friend, are sadly mistaken. Future Soldier takes the Tom Clancy franchise to a whole new level.

The game feels like it was specifically designed as a tactical, strategic co-op shooter, not like the game was added in as an extra on top of an arcade-style multiplayer or as a single player campaign bonus. This is simply the best cooperative multiplayer I've ever seen done as a first person shooter hands down.

For details and the gameplay footage, check with us after the break.

They jumped right into the gameplay with 10 minutes of footage and showed off a team of soldiers entering a village to rescue a VIP. They are able to use a futuristic camouflage technology that practically makes the team invisible to anyone around them. Throughout the map, an augmented reality display shows off waypoints, unit identifiers, key areas and the like. The player then lines up one of the 4 enemies in his sights as a blue line paints the bullet trajectory to the opposing force's head. The rest of the team each picks an enemy as well and on the player's mark, the team takes down a whole group of adversaries in one swift, silent and tactical move.

Moving into the village, the team must each get in position, in an "opera-like" fashion, where each team member is responsible for a certain task or duty for each part of the mission. Again, on a mark, the squad breaches a hut and captures a captain for questioning. It looks awesome to see everything happen so fluidly.

Fast forward to a bridge that the team must cross and reach the VIP. The player enters an augmented reality state, where everything turns blue and he can zoom in and pinpoint locations and enemies to take out. The player then loads up a drone device that flies overhead and locates each mercenary for the squad to eliminate. Then we see the screen turn into four screens, and the drape on the back of the stage is lifted to reveal three other players! The game is co-operative right from the start and each player has been controlling a different squad member from the start of the campaign.

They end up rescuing the VIP and have to run from the area while under fire. Words can't even describe half of how awesome this is, so check out the video. One thing does hold true though, and that is the fact that Future Soldier is going to change the way you play shooters. I'm looking at you, Trey Arch!


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