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iPhone Syndrome : There's A Phone For That

posted Sunday Dec 20, 2009 by Jon Wurm

iPhone Syndrome : There's A Phone For That

I generally do not like to get sucked into the classic debates of PC vs. Mac or iPhone vs. whatever but there is an interesting study conducted by Strand Consult that may indirectly confirm my suspicions about Apple fanboys being a little too infatuated with the brand. For example, the iPhone is a very pretty and shiny device that looks great laying on your iDesk next to your iSofa where your iWife and iDog watch Apple TV. There are tons of apps for the phone and it is capable of doing some of the things a "smart phone" can do, even if only one at a time. It is far from perfect but in all fairness no phone is. If the iPhone works for you then great but if you read or hear something negative about Apple or the iPhone and immediately consider it blasphemy then you might want to take a minute and check this out. Below are some interesting questions, statements and responses from the Strand Consult publication.

The first iPhone was not a 3G phone: What do you need 3G for? You can easily use the iPhone without using a 3G network and anyway, 3G is not particularly widespread, so this is not a problem.

The phone cannot send MMS: There is no need to send MMSs, hardly anybody sends MMSs.

It is not a real Smartphone, it cannot multitask: The phone has all the necessary functions and the OS is technically superior compared to other Smartphone OSs currently on the mobile market.

Apple decides which applications you can install on the phone: This is good, because Apple thereby ensures that you do not get inferior programs on your phone.

The iPhone is a low technology phone packaged in a sleek design: Apple has taken the combination of the design and UI to the next level, therefore the technological specifications don't really matter.

There is much to be said in favor of and against the iPhone but it is obvious that Apple has managed to create a loyalty to their brand that most other companies long for and the point isn't to decide which company is better but rather explore the psychology of why a lot of Apple fans in general are willing to bend the truth and ignore the flaws thereby settling for whatever they are given instead of finding a constructive way to help Apple make the products they have come to love better. As a final note Apple fanboys are not the only ones guilty of this, every company has them but they seem to be the most avid and hardcore when it comes to sheer fandboydom.

If you'd like to learn more about this, get a free copy of Strand Consult's report.


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