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US Secret Service Employs a Human

posted Saturday May 21, 2011 by Scott Ertz

US Secret Service Employs a Human

It turns out that at least one member of the United States Secret Service is human, despite the evidence from their official Twitter account. After only 9 days in existence, the account had its first major PR blunder - a message was posted by an employee saying,

Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can't. Deal. With. The. Blathering.

This was meant to be posted to the user's personal account, of course, but was not. The secret service, after saying an internal follow-up was in progress, released this statement:

An employee with access to the Secret Service's Twitter account, who mistakenly believed they were on their personal account, posted an unapproved and inappropriate tweet. We apologize for this mistake, and the user no longer has access to our official account. Policies and practices which would have prevented this were not followed and will be reinforced for all account users.

Honestly, this was the first tweet from the organization that didn't feel like it was written by a robot. I'm disappointed that it was deleted so swiftly. Maybe people would have decided the organization was interesting, but we wouldn't want that.


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