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A Dangerous Cow for Convicts

posted Wednesday Apr 20, 2011 by Scott Ertz

We all know that prison life is dangerous but even more so for one Alberta, Canada man. He was working on the farm that is part of the Bowden Institution property when he was "aggressed" by an "aggressive and dangerous" cow. That's right, cow. That's not the end of it, either. The man, Roland Johnson, is suing the Canadian Attorney-General for $500,000 because of the cow attack.

The claims do go on to be a little more valid. For example, it took 2 months before he finally received X-rays to determine if there was truly a problem. Also, he was harassed by prison staff for not finishing his employment requirements. He also lost privileges related to his "faking his injuries."

Still, though. Dude, you were attacked by a rogue cow. How do you think you're going to survive in the hole now? You should be glad that you were only attacked by a cow and not your cellmate that night. If you were in a US prison, you would have already gotten a human flu shot from a guy named Molly. Just sayin'.

Want to see just how dangerous cows can be? Hit the break for a wonderful video.


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