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PlayStation Move Rides Success Tsunami With Over 8 Million Units Sold

posted Sunday Apr 17, 2011 by Jon Wurm

PlayStation Move Rides Success Tsunami With Over 8 Million Units Sold

In my continuing effort to seem impartial about next generation game consoles, I feel compelled to congratulate Sony on their monumental achievement of surpassing the 8 million unit mark in sales for the PlayStation Move. I would also like to congratulate them on selling more units worldwide than the Xbox 360 in almost every country except the U.S. The PS3 has over 50 million units worldwide now and it seems that hardcore and casual gamers alike are catching on to the entire Move environment which originally consisted of the navigation controller and camera. The addition of the Move Sharpshooter peripheral enjoyed a 40% attach rate to Killzone 3 at GameStop regardless of a limited supply courtesy of the recent tsunami over in Japan. Senior vice president of merchandising, Bob McKenzie has high hopes about Moving into the future,

Due to the demand for the PlayStation Move motion controller, we've been struggling to keep units in stock in our U.S. GameStop stores. With big franchise titles set for release throughout the year for the PlayStation Move, we expect the remainder of 2011 to be a period of continued sales growth for PlayStation Move.

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It is the opinion of Jack Tretton, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, that with over 80 titles designed for the Move becoming available by the end of this year it seems likely for this success tsunami to continue sweeping PS3 owners into the stores of game retailers for a while to come.

The PlayStation Move has been incredibly successful since its launch, and we're particularly impressed with the positive response we're seeing from both the casual and hardcore gaming audience. The momentum behind PlayStation is accelerating, and with more than 8 million PlayStation Moves sold we know people are enjoying the most accurate motion gaming experience available today. Coupled with our stereoscopic 3D entertainment offering, PS3 continues to provide the most immersive gaming experience for consumers.

To me it makes total sense that the PlayStation Move has been and will continue to be successful. It makes total sense for a person, who is the actual controller of the game, to be required to use another physical device to control another device. Notice also how I said "game" and not console. Maybe they figure that no one really likes the Move enough to use it as a complete replacement for the classic PS3 style controller. Does the Move improve gameplay experience? For most people, yes but it's not the type of forward thinking I expected to see implemented in a next generation console. Although I shouldn't get my hopes up for a company that still sells actual music CDs online.


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