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Thanks to Wysips LCDs Are Not Completely Useless Outside

posted Wednesday Mar 23, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Thanks to Wysips LCDs Are Not Completely Useless Outside

The awesome guys at Laptop Magazine proved once again that they are the pulse of mobile tech by breaking the news that LCDs have a new, totally amazing capability at CTA Wireless this year. I know what you're thinking and no, you still won't be able to see what's happening on the screen in direct sunlight but you will know that your phone is powered on thanks to Wysips. The French company has challenged traditional AC/USB charging methods with their new film that captures solar energy from any light source.

For some technical information and an awesome first hand look at the future, courtesy of Mark Spoonauer, hit the break.

The film itself is less than 100 microns thick and has been designed so that in the near future the ever enlarging cell phone battery will go the way of the word processing machine. Ludovic Deblois, the president of Wysip, stated that the film would not affect the performance of touchscreens as well as 3D capable screens. The current generation of their technology will charge a phone completely in 6 hours and the film is applied over the top of the LCD but within one year Wysips wants to see their product integrated into the phone at the OEM level. They estimate the additional costs to OEMs will only be $1.

We have seen this type of technology recently involving monitors but this is the first real mobile application I have come across which is very exciting. The thought of even more efficient, well designed devices that don't even need cords to charge makes me happy in all the right places.


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