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Sprint Announces Google Nexus S 4G with WiMAX and Google Voice Integration

posted Sunday Mar 27, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sprint Announces Google Nexus S 4G with WiMAX and Google Voice Integration

CTIA 2011 was crazy for Sprint. Not only did they announce a pair of 3D devices on a voice and data network, they are now moving on to partner up with Google. Sure, the 3G version for AT&T is cute and everything, and I'm sure the Sidekick 4G is going to work wonders on the fake 4G network of AT&T-Mobile, but this is the real deal right here.

The Google Nexus S 4G is going to rock the Android Gingerbread OS and will come in at a couple of millimeters and grams heavier than its T-Mobile counterpart, but that's because inside this phone is the wondrous aroma of CDMA/EV-DO and WiMAX. (The WiMAX part means it's actually real 4G.) If battery life is an issue, you will have the option to even turn off the WiMAX radio.

Sprint announced that this phone will be launching in the Spring, so sometime soon, for $199. However, the cooler thing they announced is a deal with Google that's going to let you use Google Voice without porting your number over!

For that announcement, a cool video, some pictures and the press release, click the break.

If you wanted more than just a phone announcement, you came to the right place. Sprint and Google also came together to launch a whole new way of using Google Voice. You will now be able to use Google Voice with your existing Sprint number. However, your number, account and everything else will still be with Sprint. Even better, if you love Google Voice more, you can use that number with your Sprint Nexus S 4G to make calls and send text messages. You'll also be able to hookup your Google Voicemail box. Sprint has simply said it's coming "soon" and we'd expect it around the time of the S 4G launch.

Here are some pictures of the S 4G for your viewing pleasure along with a message screen from the Google Voice/Sprint enabling.

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Here's a really cool video of the Google Voice partnership.

Here's the press release for the Nexus S 4G and the Google Voice integration.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), March 21, 2011 - Sprint (NYSE: S) extends its 4G device innovation lead once again with the upcoming availability of the 20th 4G device and fourth 4G phone, Nexus S™ 4G1 from Google™. Coming to Sprint this spring, it will also be able to take advantage of the unprecedented controls and services enabled by Google Voice™ integration built into the Sprint Network.

Manufactured by Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), a leading global mobile phone provider and the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the United States2, Nexus S 4G comes packed with a pure Google experience using Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android available for smartphones. It is powered by a 1GHz Samsung application processor that produces rich 3D-like graphics, faster upload and download times and supports HD-like multimedia content along with a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to make playing mobile games, browsing the Web and watching videos a fast, fluid and smooth experience.

“Nexus S 4G shows the strong commitment Sprint has to Android, and when combined with our 4G network capabilities, it gives customers the option of a pure Google experience," said Fared Adib, vice president – Product Development, Sprint. “As the first 4G smartphone with Android 2.3, Nexus S 4G delivers on the promise of the advanced data capabilities of 4G to deliver an incredible Web browsing experience, offers quick and easy access to future Android updates and access to the services built into Google Voice."

It is designed with Samsung’s brilliant Super AMOLED™ touchscreen technology providing a premium viewing experience. The 4-inch Contour Display features a curved design for a more comfortable look and feel in the user’s hand or along the side of the face. It also offers a screen that is bright with higher color contrast, meaning colors are incredibly vibrant and text is crisp at any size and produces less glare than on other smartphone displays when outdoors, so videos, pictures and games look their best and the sun won't wash them out.

Sprint Nexus S 4G customers will be among the first to receive Android software upgrades and new Google mobile apps. In many cases, the device will get the updates and new apps as soon as they are available.

"We're excited to partner with Sprint on Nexus S 4G, which brings innovative hardware by Samsung and innovations on the Android platform, to create a powerful smartphone experience," said Andy Rubin, vice president of Engineering at Google.

Nexus S 4G features a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera and camcorder and front-facing VGA camera. In addition, Nexus S 4G features a gyroscope sensor to provide a smooth, fluid gaming experience when the user tilts the device up or down or pans the phone to the left or right.

Additional key features include:

•3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to six Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously

•Android Market™ for access to more than 150,000 applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience

•Google mobile services such as Google Search™, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Navigation, syncing with Google Calendar™, Voice Actions and YouTube™

•Corporate email (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®), personal (POP & IMAP) email and instant messaging

•Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows the device to read information from everyday objects, like stickers and posters embedded with NFC chips

•16GB Internal Memory (ROM)/512MB (RAM)

•Wi-Fi® – 802.11 b/g/n

•Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR

•Integrated GPS

•1500 mAh Lithium-ion battery

“Samsung is thrilled to work with Google and Sprint to create the next generation Nexus S. Adding 4G capabilities takes this iconic device to the next level," said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile. “Nexus S 4G integrates Samsung’s best-in-class hardware and the exciting features of the Android 2.3 platform with the impressive speed and connectivity of Sprint’s 4G network."

Nexus S 4G from Google will be available exclusively from Sprint this spring for $199.99 with a new two-year service agreement or eligible upgrade (taxes not included) in all Sprint retail channels, including the Web (www.sprint.com) and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1), as well as select national retailers.

Sprint Nexus S customers also will be able to easily use their current Sprint wireless phone number as their Google Voice number without having to port their number, avoiding porting charges and potential service disruptions. Google Voice makes it easy for people to manage and access most of their voice-based communication. It lets users manage up to six different phones through one number with intelligent call routing and advanced features like call screening, blocking and recording.

Now Sprint subscribers can use their Sprint number across their office, home and wireless phones, and personalize settings so calls from friends ring their wireless device and home phone, while calls from the boss only ring at the office. Google Voice users can receive transcribed voicemails and read or listen to them online. They can also read, send and search text messages and call logs online at www.google.com/voice.

Nexus S 4G requires activation on one of Sprint’s Everything Data plans, plus a required $10 Premium Data add-on charge for smartphones. Sprint’s Everything Data plan with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM includes unlimited Web, texting and calling to and from any mobile in America while on the Sprint Network, starting at just $69.99 per month plus required $10 Premium Data add-on charge – a savings of $39.99 per month versus Verizon’s comparable plan with unlimited talk, text and Web (excluding Verizon’s Southern California plan; pricing excludes surcharges and taxes).

Sprint customers get more with unlimited data plans on the Sprint Network. Sprint offers real simplicity, value and savings versus competitors, making it easy for customers to get the most out of their phones without using a calculator to tally up costs or worrying about how much data they’ve used.

Sprint Everything Data plans qualify for automatic enrollment in the Sprint PremierSM loyalty program3. Existing Sprint customers can switch to an Everything Data plan without extending their service agreement. New lines of service require a two-year service agreement.

As the first national wireless carrier to test, launch and market 4G technology, Sprint made history by launching 4G in Baltimore in September 2008. As the first national wireless carrier to test, launch and market 4G technology, Sprint is America’s Favorite 4G Network4. Sprint currently offers 4G service in 71 markets in 28 states. For more information, visit www.sprint.com/4G.


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