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Intel Spends Another $100 Mil, This Time in US University Research

posted Saturday Jan 29, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Intel Spends Another $100 Mil, This Time in US University Research

Intel's just been doing everything right lately. It seems that when they said they were going to spend $8 billion to open new manufacturing plants that would create over 1,000 jobs that something in their brain set them off on a helping spree. More recently, Intel pledged to help the NFL analyze quarterback concussions with real-time data and even teamed up with rival company AMD to rid the world of the pesky blue analog input known as VGA. Well, let the good karma roll, because this week Intel said that it is going to invest $100 million through the next five years in US university research.

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Intel wants to start up Intel Science and Technology Centers in different universities beginning with Stanford and Intel's Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner says the new programs and money would go straight to faculty and graduate student research.

We're going to spend five times what we had spent in terms of direct university support. This is a time when universities are really strapped for funding. They're all being hit with major budget cuts and this is consistent with Intel's view of investing in the down part of the cycle. We saw an opportunity to help the universities recover.

Intel wants each institution to concentrate on a specific list of goals and tasks, like Stanford's area of focus will be on visual computing experiences for users. However, Rattner also believes in free research and would like input from universities on the projects they'd like to move forward with.

The pace of technology change is getting faster. With today's announcement, we are ensuring that Intel Labs' academic research support is adaptable and flexible. Our new approach should allow us to quickly and dynamically invest in the most promising academic work.

Each college that is involved with this new program would receive $2.5 million a year for the next five years. After three years, Intel and the university would meet and discuss if the research is worth continuing. This is just another way that Intel is not only helping themselves through their programs, but is also helping the communities and businesses around them.


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