Hulu Plus, Minus $5

Hulu Plus, Minus $5

posted Sunday Oct 24, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Hulu Plus, Minus $5

Hulu has implemented their Hulu Plus service (officially in beta) since June for $9.95/month, but now we are being told by a couple sources that the company is considering reducing their price by $5, to $4.95/month.

Hulu Plus is their attempt at gaining a second revenue income on top of the ads placed during the TV shows, clips and movies that are on the site. Hulu Plus has been giving subscribers more depth to the shows and movies that are available compared to the free service. You can also watch Hulu on the iPhone, iPad, Xbox 360 and Internet-connected TVs with the premium subscription.

For more on the possible price cut, follow the break.

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