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CES 2011 - Sennheiser Brings Active Noise Cancelling to Earbuds

posted Friday Jan 7, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

CES 2011 - Sennheiser Brings Active Noise Cancelling to Earbuds

Sennheiser, along with making great microphones and headphones that we use every day in our studio, also announced a new array of noise cancelling headphones this week at CES 2011, as part of their mobility line, along with three other lines they showed off today. The difference? They've added digital cancellation features.

Their CXC 700 in-ear travel earbuds have Sennheiser's exclusive NoiseGard /digital system. This enhancement allows you to select one of three noise-cancelling modes that take out different frequency ranges?

How does it all work? Find out after the break.

The Sennheiser CXC 700s have three modes. Mode 1 gets rid of the pesky low-frequency noises in the 100 to 400 Hz range, which usually occurs in trains, busses and small passenger aircraft. Mode 2 deals with removing the 400 to 3,000 Hz range that occurs with air-conditioning united that are in large planes and office buildings. Mode 3 has a full-pas range that handles 100 to 3,000 Hz that mixes both the low and mid cancellations and will allow the earbuds to kill noises found in airports, train stations and subways. This mode is especially effective at making you feel immersed in the sounds you're listening to.

Daniel Chee, Sennheiser's Travel Line Product Manager spoke on the new technology.

NoiseGard /digital is the consistent further development of Sennheiser's analog NoiseGard technology. The possibility to select one of three different modes that are optimized for different environments considerably improves the noise-cancelling effect. Precise filters generate a result that is up to five times better than that of the analog system.

Sennheiser promises that you will get perfect sound wherever you go. To make sure of that, even when the NoiseGard feature is turned off, Sennheiser's German manufacturing kicks in and lets you still hear a balanced sound from 20 to 21,000 Hz. This will even happen when the batteries are dead in the earbuds. I should say battery, as this runs on 1 AAA battery, which is stored in the device's control unit that controls the volume and NoiseGard, among other things.

Another cool feature found on that control unit is the Sennheiser TalkThrough button. With this button activated, you can talk freely to the people around you without having to take out the earbuds. It's also cool that you can see when you have activated the NoiseGard and TalkThrough features, as they are displays visually on the control.

So what comes in the pouch, you ask? You get three sizes of ear adapters to fit your earholes and provide perfect noise cancellation, an in-flight adapter (if you still need one of those) and a 1/4" plug adapter. Add that to a 4 and a half foot cable and these headphones sound, look and feel like they make a difference in your listening experience.


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