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Microsoft Sues Motorola for General Stuff

posted Sunday Oct 3, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Sues Motorola for General Stuff

Lawsuits are fun and if anyone knows that, it's the smartphone industry. This week we have Microsoft filing suit against Motorola for patent infringement. They are claiming 9 patents are infringed through Motorola's implementation of Android on their current line of smartphones.

Motorola and Microsoft were partners for many years, with Motorola making many second-tier Windows Mobile handsets, like the Motorola Q series. Motorola's love with WinMo has waned in recent years and their focus has shifted to second-tier Android phones instead.

Hit the break for more on the lawsuit.

With Microsoft releasing a new version of their mobile operating system in a mere month and the software having been released to manufacturers already, it seems like an odd move to sue one of the companies you would theoretically be pursuing as a builder of your phones.

Normally we see lawsuits between true competitors (Nokia vs Apple, Apple vs HTC, Oracle vs Google/Android) but for Microsoft to take on someone that they should be wooing is a strange move. I guess we won't be seeing any new WinPho7 Motorola handsets anytime soon.


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