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The French Want You to Buy YouTube

posted Sunday Oct 3, 2010 by Scott Ertz

The French Want You to Buy YouTube

Have you ever bought stuff online before? Maybe a shirt from or jeans from eBay? How about a dress from YouTube? No, never from YouTube? Well, the French Connection would like to change that. They have launched the first online store through YouTube.

The new concept store allows you to watch fashion videos on YouTube, click annotation links and go right to the product listing on The French Connection's website. From there you can make a purchase, or not.

For more on the future of video shopping and one of the videos, hit the break.

This is taking video shopping to the next interactive level. It is an interesting take on HSN for the Internet. It allows you to only see the types of products you are looking for. You never have to see 30 minutes of handmade candlesticks when what you want are dress shoes.

Check out their YouTique right here and then tell us what you think of it below.


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